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Loving God but still Loving You. 
Loving God but still loving youIs written for those who struggle to keep their faith and marriage together when their partner does not believe.
It seeks to answer questions like:
  ‘What do you say to your children when you believe one thing and your husband believes another?’ ‘How do you break the news to him that you want to go to church?’  What do you do about giving money to the church? My husband says that all the clergy are interested in is your wallet.’ ‘I believe in Jesus and my husband doesn’t and it can be very lonely at times. Couples who come to church together just don’t seem to understand.’


The gift of a childThe Gift of a Child
Explores the joys and dreams and the struggles of parenthood from the day the new born arrives until they ‘stride out of the door to take on the world.’
Thank you
Thank you, God, for this family. Thank you that as well as the expense, the worries and the grey Mondays, we have bright days like this … filled with love and laughter. Help me to appreciate it now and remember it later when the storms blow up again. And today and every day - thank you, God, for this family.


The Gift of Marriage
The gift of marriageWisdom, prayers and quotations to celebrate marriage in all its moods.

If we knew that life would end tomorrow, would we still waste time on our quarrels? Would we fritter the precious hours away, taking refuge behind the wall of icy silence, creeping out only to hurl another barrage of angry words - invisible missiles but …as deadly as broken bricks or bottles.

If we knew that life would end tomorrow surely we would treasure today. Fill the hours to the brim with love and laughter instead of anger and bitterness, creating jewel-bright memories which would lighten our hearts ….

If we knew that life would end tomorrow … but who can say that it will not? The only time of which we can feel certain is today. So today … I will say ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I love you’.

Marion Stroud

Marion Stroud's new book, 'It's Just You and Me, Lord'

Dear God its me and its urgent