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It's Just You and Me, Lord (available from September 2012)


Marion Stroud's new book released in September 2012, 'It's Just You and Me, Lord' My latest book ‘It’s Just You and Me Lord’ is a book of prayers which is intended to resemble that kind of evening, because prayer, at its best is like sharing a meal with a loved and trusted friend. 

It’s Just You and Me Lord. Available from Discovery House from September 2012. ISBN 978 -1-57293-573-0 

Dear God it’s Me and it’s Urgent


A collection of prayers and meditations which reflect on every joyful and painful aspect of a woman’s life.
Dear God its me and its urgentFirst Day at School
Father, today is the day -
the one I’ve both dreaded
and looked forward to;
the day my youngest child starts school.
How fast the years of babyhood and preschool have flown by, Lord
Although at times they did seem everlasting -
So that today
the door of that phase of our lives
clicks softly shut
as she steps out
into a wider world …


Face to face with Cancer 


Face to face with cancerCancer is a word that strikes fear into the hearts of us all. But what can you do if you are the relative of someone who has the disease? How can you support and encourage, while dealing with your own fears?


This book offers the help and information that is hard to find for families, friends and the patient as they come Face to Face with Cancer.


You can read a number of sample chapters of this book on Google reader by clicking here.    

Marion Stroud

Marion Stroud's new book, 'It's Just You and Me, Lord'

Dear God its me and its urgent